Yamaha RAV464 Remote Control Part # ZA113600



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  • OEM For HTR-4065 And RX-V473
  • Always use new batteries.
  • OEM remote controls are not universal and should be replaced by the part number of the remote or the model number of the receiver only.
  • Any needed information on remote control use is found in the owners manual for the receiver model number.
  • OEM remotes sourced from US suppliers.

Details: RAV464 OEM YAMAHA A/V RECEIVER REMOTE CONTROL RAV464 ZA11360 ZA113600 OEM remote originally supplied with the following models: YAMAHA HTR-4065RX-V473RX-V473BLYHT-597YHT-597BLYHT-697YHT-797YHT-797BLYHT-897YHT-897BL RAV464 is a listed sub for discontinued RAV444.  RAV464 supports all the receiver features except: HDMI OUT - HDMI 5/6/7 - AUDIO - DOCK - SIRIUS - PARTY - ZONE 2This is the closest match available sub for RAV444. Note the missing features before ordering this sub. RAV444 WW51160 WW51160 US WW511600 YAMAHA RX-A810RX-A810BLRX-V871 Note: At this time there are no other known acceptable subs to this remote. Please order to replace the original part number for the original models or the sub listed on this page only. Looking for the setup optimizer microphone for model HTR-4065 or RX-V473? Use Yamaha PN WN649600. Search Amazon For ASIN: B07CZWJYMK

Binding: Electronics

Item Condition: New