Rancilio Silvia (V1/V2) Steam Wand by Rancilio



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Brand: Rancilio

Color: Stainless Steel


  • Rancilio Silvia (V1/V2) Steam Wand

Details: Rancilio Silvia Original V1- V2 Steam Arm, part: 1449141 Can be used as Gaggia Classic Steam Tube Conversion Kit Can be used to get rid of the bulky plastic Pannarello milk frother on your Gaggia Classic, Evolution, Cubica and most baby machines 6 mm, L 180mm Part number LF1449141 EPGC 10049046 RANCILIO KitchenAid Artisan 5KES100BER PRODUCT PERFORMANCE ADVICE This steam wand works in a different way to the standard Gaggia Panerello. The Gaggia Panerello creates macrofoam by combining air with the steam by way of an air intake / slot in the black plastic part of the Panerello. This Rancilio steam wand does not have this feature therefore the way you use it to create microfoam needs to be different. If all you do is immerse this wand in your milk like you do with your original Panerello then all you will get is warm milk. Tips for use: Using fully skimmed milk is easier to start with until you perfect your technique. The tip of the steam wand needs to be just below the surface of the milk if not a little bit above it.

UPC: 700425262921

EAN: 0700425262921

Binding: Kitchen

Item Condition: New