MacMaxe ULKA Model E Type EX5 – Solenoid Vibratory Water Pump – 1/1 min ON/OFF, 120V 60Hz 41W – Wide Compatibility With Espresso Machines



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Brand: MacMaxe

Color: Multicolor


  • ULKA Model E, Type EX5 120V, 60Hz 41W
  • Self priming at 0 bar, Integrated diode (1N 4007P), Thermal cutout pocket, Pressure max 15 bar.
  • Compact solution for high pressure and low flow applications.
  • Full detailed electrical and hydraulic inspection
  • Water temperature max 25°C

Details: Model E, Type EX5 120V, 60Hz 41W. fittings ø 1/8"- ø 6 mm; pressure max 15 bar; water temperature max 25°C; integrated diode (1N 4007P); lead connector 6.3x0.8 mm; All pumps are designed and tested using water as fluid.Pump should have water inside after removing red cap off of water inlet.A brown stain may be visible around the water inlet, it is normal.We do not recommend to stock the pumps for long time,especially in high temperature storage house and in particularfor pumps without water inside. Sometimes pumps will develop an airpocket in shipping or from storage.TO WORK PROPERLY, PUMP MUST HAVE WATER INSIDE . EMPTY PUMP WILL MAKE A LOUD BUZZING NOISE.To remove the airpocket, use a syringe filled with water and pushthe water through the pump. Make sure the other end is clear and drained,or connected within machine and air can escape the other side. The thread connection G 1/8“ of the plastic pump outlet is not subjectto the norm UNI ISO 228/2. The seal is not guaranteed by the thread.In fact the hydraulic seal has to be assuredby the seal OR 2025 Ø 1.76 x 6.07 mm. Replacement Pump for Espresso Machine with Part#  ASCASO V..658, BEZZERA 7731011, 7731019BRASILIA 17572.4.00.08CASADIO 533194820CIMBALI  533-194-820ELEKTRA 255035EXPOBAR 60000047FAEMA 533194820FIORENZATO C.S. A1900044GAGIA 187720955GRIMAC MG072, 1220300006LA PICCOLA C07-EFX5/110NUOVA RICAMBI 617160/11NUOVA SIMONELLI 4800006QUICK MILL PO08700V1RDL 14200030RICAMBI GARDOSI V082SAECCO 187720955, 9070.026.00FSCALA C-0584SPAZIALE 07639SPINEL SR.000.054.004VIBIEMME POMPVIBDOM100, POMPVIBDOM120VICTORIA ARDUINO 04800006WEGA

Item Condition: New