JBF Triumph Replacement Stainless Steel Blades for MK2 and MK3 Scrapers, Double edged Stainless Steel Blades / 6 inch / Pack of 25 Blades



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Brand: JBF

Color: Black


  • High-Quality Danish Blades.
  • .15mm Guage Stainless Steel.
  • Double-Edged for 2x the Value.
  • Precision Made and Ultra-Sharp.
  • Dispenser Also Stores Old Blades.

Details: Triumph's high-quality Danish blades are the best in the world. These precision-made blades are ultra-sharp and perfectly smooth, ensuring you get the most out of your scraper and the best results on your glass, etc. Triumph blades are also double-edged which makes them extremely economical. All the blades come in a safe blade dispenser with room for worn-out blades--this ensures that no used blades are left lying around. It safely distributes one blade at a time, and also holds used blades in a safe chamber. This is a high-quality stainless steel blade. Stainless steel blades are far more resistant to rust and more flexible but are not as sharp. Carbon steel is preferred for heavy usage because it is thicker and stronger but the blades generally rust more quickly. If you only scrape occasionally, the stainless steel is the way to go. Features High Quality Danish Blades. .15mm Guage Stainless Steel. Precision Made and Ultra-Sharp. Double-Edged for 2x the Value. For Scraping Paint, Plaster, Tape, & Glue. Safe Dispenser for Blades. Dispenser Stores Old Blades.

EAN: 5012121150248

Binding: Automotive

Item Condition: New