Halnziye HY710 20g Tube Syringe Silver Thermal Paste High Performance Heatsink Compound for CPU GPU LED



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Brand: Halnziye

Color: clear


  • High stability and reliability.
  • Excellent Thermal Conductivity:>3.17W/(m-K).
  • Long-Term Operating Temperature: -22 - 464℉
  • Odorless, low oil content, non-volatile, non-corrosive, non-toxic, flame retardant, not electrically conductive.
  • Grease cleaner and applicator included

Details: Large 20G tube of high-quality non-curing thermally conductive compound for mid to high-end applications. Suitable for attaching heat sinks, CPU fans, GPU coolers, LED chips, or anything else that requires strong thermal conductivity. A 20 gram syringe contains enough compound to cover at least 1100 small CPU cores, 50 large CPU cores, or 15 to 30 heat plates. High stability and reliability Thermal conductivity: >3.17W/(m·K) (excellent thermal performance) Thermal resistance: <0.067℃-in²/W (very low) Instantaneous temperature limit: -50 to 280 ℃ / -58 to 536 ℉ Long-Term operating temperature limit: -30 to 240 ℃ / -22 to 464 ℉ Density: >2.4g/cm³ Coverage area: At a layer 0.003" thick, the 3.5 gram syringe will cover approximately 90 square inches. Color: Silver Odorless, Low oil content, Non-volatile, Non-corrosive, Non-toxic, Flame retardant, Not electrically conductive

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