Cafetto Organic Tea Maker Cleaner (1 PACK)



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Brand: Cafetto

Color: Multi


  • Special ingredient removes and prevents tannin staining
  • Safe and non-corrosive to all parts of the Tea Maker
  • Safe for the environment - organic, phosphate free, biodegradable
  • OMRI Listed for use in organic systems
  • Pack of 4 x 10g Sachets

Details: Directions: Ensure tea maker and basket are empty. Fill tea maker with 1500ml water. Attach basket to jug post. Select 100°C and press HOT WATER button to boil. Cool for 1 min. Lower basket by pressing BASKET button for 2 seconds. Place contents of Tea Cleaner sachet in water. Allow to stand for 5 minutes. Empty tea maker and thoroughly rinse with fresh water before use.

UPC: 025600085509

EAN: 0797153449328

Item Condition: New